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At last someone has produced a Photography Magazine that makes good use of the features available to iPad users!

I wondered when it would happen and now it has thanks to publishers Ilex.

If like me you have subscribed to a few online magazines only to be dissappointed when presented with a PDF type version of the printed copy of the magazine? Not only that but often every other page appears to be devoted to advertisements, even more than in the hardcopy.

Well if you follow this link you will be able to download this excellent magazine through iTunes and on to your iPad.

I can thoroughly recommend this great initiative – if you do try it let me know what you think?


Dragon app for iPad

ipadforphotography»ipad-apps»Dragon app for iPad

I have just discovered a wonderful app for the iPad from Dragon software. If you hate two fingered typing and would prefer a quicker, more effective way of getting your text based information into your iPad then I highly recommend this very clever app.

In fact I have dictated this blog entry straight into my iPad and the results are truly amazing. I expected lots of errors and misspellings but apart from a few minor problems the app seems to work extremely well. You simply start the recording and speak into the inbuilt microphone and then press stop when finished.

Following a quick processing cycle your words magically appear on the screen. You can then use the keyboard to do any tidying up that may be necessary.

You can link the app to your email and / or social media so that you can update them verbally.


Freeloader Classic

ipadforphotography»ipad-accessories»Freeloader Classic

Ten hours battery life is good, there is no denying. Excellent in fact but if you are away from your base and nowhere to plug in this smart portable solar cell charging set could be the answer you are looking for. The cells on the panel charge an internal battery which can then be plugged in to any USB charged device. The cells are extended from each side so you could place it on a windowsill or the parcel shelf in the car. The level of charge is displayed in a window which also displays current power input and active connections.The manufacturer claims 2 hours for the iPad, which would see you through the last few hours on a long haul flight for instance. It comes with a selection of adaptors ( not just iPad ) . It is tough and water-resistant as well.


Huffington Post

One of the most successful online newspapers in the world the Huffington Post ( What a great name! ) was founded in 2005 and taken over by AOL in 2011. It currently has a sliding interface that lets you scroll through stories similar to the excellent BBC news application. This app has an extraordinary loyal

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Guardian Eyewitness

ipadforphotography»ipad-apps»Guardian Eyewitness
If you love photography as I do you cannot fail to be impressed by this app from the English Newspaper the Guardian. Curated by the paper’s picture editors they are the best of the thousands of images coming into the their offices every day. Each image has a small caption which can be hidden

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Great App for the iPad


As a photographer I was really impressed with with Photogene on the iPhone. It allowed me to take quick photographs “on the fly” with my phone which I always carry with me. I could then make quite dramatic changes to the images using Photogene and then upload them to Facebook or the many other options

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It's a whole new Ball Game!


The iPad isn’t a laptop or desk based PC or even a MAC. We use it in an entirely different way to how we would use a traditional computer.  There is no mouse or trackball. No five minute wait to actually start using it.

It’s use is instictive and people who haven’t used a computer before

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The Built in iPad Photo App


The built in Ipad Photo App is incredibly simple and intuitive to use.

Steve Jobs said “it is the best device I’ve ever seen for enjoying and sharing photography.” Of course he is slightly biased ….

But there are truely some really nice features such as the ability to display albums of photographs as stacks of

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Some Initial Thoughts on the iPad for Photographers


Publish an eBook

The iPad is set to turn the publishing world upside down with the possibilty to publish and sell, books, magazines and all manner of content rich publications through iTunes.

Just think how iTunes has changed the distribution of music over the last few years, through the ubiquitous iPod, iTouch and more recently the iPhone.


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